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      Trends in the standardization of electrical insulating materials

      According to the green ecological environmental protection in recent years, nano electrical insulation system, capacitance and the development of new materials, to ensure that the new material, new technology and ecological environmental protection with availability, more and more hot technology has been applied to protect the work, its standardization trend mainly displays in:

      1.The implementation of the standardization of environmental factors into account.

      2.Tracking new insulating materials, tracking the development of new materials and performance improvement, to ensure the availability of test standard.

      3.The electrochemical system, such as ultracapacitors as standardized propulsion direction;

      4.In the field of direct current transmission development, pay attention to the standardization of space charge measurement technology.

      5.At the time of test standard, will not apply the traditional test methods, especially for electrical insulating system, need to develop the required test standard.

      6.Ready to accept and introduce the most advanced equipment and systems.

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      欧美日韩中文,97国产精品欧美一区二区三区,欧美日本一,91欧美精品 国产欧美三级,欧美在线|亚洲,欧美日韩在线电影,欧美日韩永久久一区二区三区