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      Understand the effects of electric strength performance of insulation material

      Before, we discussed the influence of environment on the insulation problem. In different kinds of insulating materials, in addition to the environment have influence on performance, electrical strength is also an important factor influencing the performances of insulation materials, also affects the performance of insulation materials. And, in the use of electric intensity on its quality and performance is also bigger. And dielectric strength will be influenced by external factors such as environment:

      1.Electric strength is affected by humidity and temperature, temperature and humidity is bigger, the dielectric strength is reduced, the opposite is strong.

      2.If used in insulating materials, machinery is damaged, can also reduce the dielectric strength of the material, so the protective measures is to handle protection and control of mechanical equipment, to minimize the damage to the machine as far as possible, it can also enhance the insulation performance.

      3.The thickness of the material also has effect on the strength of electric, because the material is thicker, cooling, etc. The effect not beautiful, so electric strength is low, thus the performance of the insulation material is also reduced.

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      欧美日韩中文,97国产精品欧美一区二区三区,欧美日本一,91欧美精品 国产欧美三级,欧美在线|亚洲,欧美日韩在线电影,欧美日韩永久久一区二区三区