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      Understand the difference between the insulation material and an insulator

      Many people think insulation and insulation material is a meaning, just name is different. Actually otherwise, there are essential differences between insulating material and an insulator, let's look at the bottom.

      Used with used for electrical insulation materials, divided into inorganic insulation material and mixed organic insulation materials, insulation materials, three kinds of organic insulating material is mainly used in the production of insulating varnish, winding wires, etc., common organic insulation material with resin, shellac, hemp, paper, rubber, etc.; And inorganic insulation material is used mainly for electrical appliances, motor winding insulation, commonly used: marble, glass, sulfur, mica, porcelain, etc.

      Insulators are divided into U.S.A insulator, gas insulator and liquid dielectric three kinds: such as glass, ceramic, plastic belong to solid insulators; Such as air, carbon dioxide 扥 belongs to gas insulation; Belongs to such as natural mineral oil, silicone oil and liquid dielectric.

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      欧美日韩中文,97国产精品欧美一区二区三区,欧美日本一,91欧美精品 国产欧美三级,欧美在线|亚洲,欧美日韩在线电影,欧美日韩永久久一区二区三区